16 Reasons Why People Love Sexting

 There’s something unmistakably naughty and amazing about a good sexting session with someone you’re super into. Now I’m not talking about sending a bunch of girls on Tinder and Kik and whatever messaging platform one can think of endless shots of one’s genitals; that crap’s gross. But I love getting saucy photos from my wife, especially when we’re apart from each other for extended periods of time.

I never got into sexting people for the sake of sexting them, I was never one of those cool AIM kids who exchanged nudes with strangers on the internet, nor did I ever have the guts to post my Snapchat info on the dirty snapchat subreddit.

I’ve only ever really sexted with people I was in a committed relationship with, and by that time, sexting was only really used in the most dire of horny circumstances. These people share all the reasons why they sext, and it kind of blew my not-so-sexting-savvy mind.

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