21 People Who Were Totally Fooled By Fake News Articles

There’s more content now on the internet than there’s ever been. There are endless Instagram meme accounts, blogs, websites, forums, fanpages, Tumblr accounts, I mean it’s freaking ridiculous that I’m sitting here and even trying to give examples of all the stuff you could find on the web because there’s just a massive bestiary of collective information out there.

And because so much of this content is tailored to attract specific audiences, when we see something that catches our eye, we tend to take for granted that the information presented to us is true. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion where I totally thought something was real, and was even presented as real by other sources. But with enough digging, I found out later it was totally bogus.

I’ve even been fooled by a few Onion articles, for about two seconds until I read who shared the story and sure enough, saw that it was shared by the satirical news source. Sadly, many of these people had no idea that the stories they were passionately commenting on were completely made up.

  1. All images were found courtesy of Imgur.
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