‘LLama LLama’ Author Loses Battle To Cancer But Left This Request Instead Of A Big Funeral Service

A huge part of my 11-month-old son’s bed routine is reading him his favorite book: Llama Llama Red Pajama. I got the kid tons of books, but that one is his favorite. In fact, he refers to every single book as a “Llama Llama”. If you’re holding one and he wants to rip it out of your hands and inevitably toss it across the room, he’ll smile and act all cute and buttery and throw his grubby little paws up and squeak, “Llama Llama!” Don’t fall for it. Let him cry, it’s OK, he’s not the boss.

So when I heard the news that Anna Dewdney, the author of the “Llama Llama” books recently lost her 15-month battle with brain cancer, I was upset. Her adorable book has already made my son so happy so early on in his life.

Before passing away in her home in Bangor, Maine on September 3rd, Dewdney left a final request to those who wished to honor her memory.

She was a huge literacy advocate, so instead of having a public funeral service, she hopes that her fans and friends will take the time instead to read to a child. No need to put on a suit and stay around solemnly in a funeral hall remembering the dead. Just grab a book and read to a kid.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library spread Dewdney’s message on its Facebook page, writing: “In Anna’s memory, read a book to your child tonight.”

Others on social media have been spreading Dewdney’s message and honoring her as well.

Tonight, we’ll be reading in honor of Anna Dewdney. We’ll miss you, Llama Mama 💕 http://bit.ly/2cqqzdj 


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Remembering @AnnaDewdney author of Llama Llama books. In lieu of funeral, she asked ppl to read to a child. @wusa9



Thanks for bringing a whole lot of happy into our home Anna Dewdney. We are forever fans. Rest easy, Llama Mama.https://twitter.com/readingrainbow/status/773299874636767232 


Remembering and honoring Anna Dewdney tonight. Thank you for your stories.


We are so grateful for Anna Dewdney’s work. We hope you’ll join us in honoring her wish that people read to a child.

Dewdney is survived by her partner Reed Duncan and two daughters.

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