This Mom Has Given Birth On The Same Date For The Last Three Years

If Pinterest or mommy blogs have taught us anything, it’s that no task is more stressful and difficult than planning a child’s birthday party. It’s hard enough thinking of themes and decorations, but then you also have to rely on your party guests not to poop, cry, or throw-up. And regardless of how perfectly-planned the event is, the day ends with someone in tears who can only be bribed with juice boxes.

So, one North Dakota couple is going to have their hands full.

Lauren Stevenson delivered her third child, Seth Lee Stevenson, on September 1st—exactly one year after giving birth to her daughter, Tommie, and exactly two years after giving birth to her son, Axel.

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Yes, the North Dakota mother-of-three has given birth on the same date for the last three years.

And no, it wasn’t on purpose. “It came to a shock to us because we really didn’t plan it,” Stevenson told ABC News. The children were due on different dates, but showed up September first.

“A healthy baby boy and the fact that he came on September first, the doctors, the nurses, my husband and I— we just couldn’t believe it,” Stevenson said.

Delivering Stevenson’s children is becoming an annual tradition for Dr. William Lowe of CHI St. Alexius Health in Dickinson, North Dakota. He said this kind of coincidence was the first he’d seen in his career.

It makes sense that this would be a career first for the doctor.

Senior Lecturer in Statistics at Australian National University told Daily Mail Australia the chances of giving birth on the same date three years in a row is about 7.5 in a million.

…We’re thinking that might be the universe trying to spare parents from surviving three children’s birthday parties in one day.

But the Stevensons have a plan for coordinating birthday celebrations.

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Lauren has tried to celebrate her children’s birthdays, but hasn’t successfully done it yet (you know, since she’s been a tad busy giving birth).

This year, however, there will be a party.

“I think for their birthdays we can have one big party. If they can share together, we can do one big birthday cake,” she said.

Well, good luck with that combined party idea when the kids are in their middle school years!

For now, though, it’s all new baby bliss for the Stevenson family.

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“Our oldest son, Axel, he loves his little brother to death. Tommie, she isn’t too sure what to think of him yet,” Stevenson said.

We’ll have to check back in with the family in a year to see if there’s a fourth edition. (abcnews)

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